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San Diego Permanent Cosmetics, Get the Look You Always Wanted

Now you can make a lasting difference in your appearance simply and safely.  Swim, sweat or even sleep, you’ll always look your best with Permanent Cosmetics by Carla.


Perfectly drawn eyebrows are an essential part of any face. Whether they are stylized for a dramatic appearance, or more subtle for a natural look, Permanent Eyebrows frame your eyes, balance your look, and lend expression to your face. This procedure can take years off you face, make you look awake and ready to go anywhere, anytime!
If you eyebrows are thin or sparsely growing, replace the hassle of drawing them on, then wondering all day if they still look ‘right’. Permanent eyebrows eliminate the need for careful daily application and that embarrassing afternoon smudge. Enjoy perfect eyebrows every day with permanent cosmetics.


Every woman agrees that beautiful eyes can be a woman’s best feature. Permanent Eyeliner can be done as a soft lash enhancement or a dramatically defined line. This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, or simply an active lifestyle! Swim, sweat, or sleep, with permanent make up you always look your best!   Choose from a wide variety of colors to create a look that is perfectly designed to bring out your eye color, enhance your eyes, and increase natural beauty.


Permanent lip color gives more fullness and definition to your mouth, as well as corrects an uneven or fading lip line. Choose simple lip liner to clearly define your lips and enhance your natural lip color.  Or if a full lip fill is desired, smile without worry of lipstick on your teeth, drink without worry of lipstick on your glass, and kiss without worry of lipstick on your love! With beautiful permanent lip liner and full lip color, you never look tired or smudged!   A wide variety of color choices creates a deliciously youthful appearance for every woman!

Areola Restoration

During the final stages of reconstructive surgery for the breast a doctor may recommend Areola Restoration. This finishing touch can restore dignity and a sense of completeness to patients. This procedure can also be applied to balance or enhance existing areolas correcting color, symmetry, size and shape. Some patients have even elected to have fun with this procedure choosing a variety of shapes and colors to create a unique look for the breast.




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